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eCommerce and Mobile Optimization




Increase in
mobile revenue

Resulting MRR

In excess of
KPI goals

ROLE: Product Manager, Program Manager & Creative Director

When I started at Zoom, there were no Mobile Buy Flows, whatsoever. 

What does that mean? Well, it meant that if you were to go to try and buy Zoom on your phone, you'd see a really oddly stretched or zoomed in version of what you'd see on Desktop, but on your phone. As you can imagine, that isn't fun to navigate.

I was tasked with bringing our buy flows to mobile users. It would have been really easy to effectively do a copy/paste or shrink down of what we had on desktop. But that wasn't what I wanted. Our website was geared more for our B2B clients, because that was who was using the website - in one word?  It was Technical.

But our B2C customers were completely different. They weren't an IT administrator for a large company. They were a grandma trying to Zoom with her grandkids, or a small business trying to get a few licenses for their employees. Zoom was for everyone, but our buy flows (and even sign-up flows for free users) weren't reading that way. So when I got the chance to design the mobile experience from scratch, I turned it on its head. 

We came up with 6 different designs in record time, before narrowing it down for 2 to prototype and take to User Research, where our final design called the "Storytelling" Design Language came out victorious. 

We rolled out our MVP for Zoom Meetings, and within 3 months saw a 93.5% increase in mobile revenue, and overshot our target KPI of 200K MRR by 250%, averaging a increase in 500K MRR as a result of this project. We continued to role out this design language to additional product lines such as : Zoom Events, Zoom Webinar, Zoom One and Free Trials of select products.

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