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Product Manager 2

QuickBooks Online Advanced - Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Rest of World

As a contract Product Manager for QuickBooks Online Advanced (QBOAv) at Intuit, my primary focus is on bringing feature parity to better serve the needs and wants of our QBOAv and Mid-Market (MM) customers in Canada (CA),  the United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AU) and Rest of World (ROW)


I track hundreds of feature and enhancement releases, big picture blockers and dependencies from all the core feature pillars (called capabilities) and ensure that those features also come to CA/UK either at the same time or in short order. I also collaborate with the various marketing and Customer Success teams, create launch plans, perform testing, educating support teams via demos, doing closed betas and ensure a seamless GTM experience for both customers and the QB teams. 


Features launched in Canada, UK, Australia and Rest of World

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Spreadsheet Sync

Brand new to advanced users in Australia, users will have access to spreadsheet sync. Spreadsheet sync is a unique feature that allows users to access their data and reports when, where and how they want it. Data and Reports seamlessly sync back and forth between Quickbooks Online and Excel 


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