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About caitlyn

I am a natural born leader

 Since childhood I could be found as the mastermind orchestrating elaborate games on the playground, managing the school softball team, producing the school play and elected as the team captain for everything from school projects to exchange program outings. Taking charge seemed to come often and naturally to me, so I honed my leadership, planning and organizational skills by earning my Girl Scout Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.

I've gained a lot of technical managerial skills throughout the years, but perhaps the most valuable thing I began to learn from the leaders that I was exposed to and admired most, was that leaders don't lead, they listen and they follow. They empower their team and celebrate their successes. They have empathy. They help them reach their goals by removing hurdles. And all of that is what I try and model my leadership style after to this day. 

I love adventure and thrive when faced with the unknown.

I'm an avid international traveler and risk taker - I've climbed Mt. Fuji, driven a dog sled in Northern Sweden, learned to surf at Waikiki, taken a cooking class in Amalfi and celebrated Fallas in Valencia. I was the first ever American to study abroad at Ibaraki University in Japan (ask me about how I talked my way out of being deported because of a VISA mistake), and I speak Japanese, German and Spanish. If I wasn't doing what I am doing now, I probably would be getting a PhD in Linguistics or working at an embassy. (I did actually turn down a job at the Marshall Islands Embassy!)

I aim to include creativity in everything I do.

Because of my personal passions, I love supporting creative teams and think that problem solving is a form of creativity all its own. But my creativity talents don't stop there. I was an artist since childhood, took AP painting classes in high school, got an undergraduate degree in film and I now dabble in everything from scrapbooking to t-shirt making and hand decorated glasses.


My other biggest passions include spin and my rescue pup. (Adopt, don't shop!).

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