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What do people have to say about Caitlyn?

Testimonials and Recommendations By Industry/Role Type

Dara Sanderson; CEO of

"...Her attention to detail is extraordinary. She led the planning and launch of an incredibly complicated intake and review process to manage a steady, and sometimes overwhelming, stream of revenue impacting digital licensing deals. She routinely worked across multiple departments within Marvel, as well as partnering with large international divisions across the Walt Disney Company. No matter what task is at hand, large or small, Caitlyn will eagerly jump in with gusto to get things done. She is fast learner and routinely has a positive, "can-do" attitude..."

Rick Paiva; Former VP, Creative Services at ESPN

"In the years we worked together, Caitlyn proved to be a terrific employee. Nothing is too big or small to receive her full attention. She is detail-oriented, a forward-thinker, a team player and a strong project manager. She would be a great addition to any team."

Tara Mondella; Director, Product Design Program Management at Disney Streaming

"I have had the pleasure of managing Caitlyn during her time at Disney Streaming. Caitlyn consistently gave 100% of herself to our team, and was critical in ensuring completion & quality of every project she worked on.
Her positive attitude towards our work helped encourage and support all of us. She is highly collaborative, smart, supportive and holds unwavering passion for any team she is apart of. The attention and care she puts into her projects and her teammates is truly admirable."


Lori Lombert; Director of Software Engineering at The Walt Disney Company

"Caitlyn is a great partner to have on any digital product initiative. She's detailed-oriented and a great communicator. A great asset to any team!"

Matthew Smith, Director of Front End Engineering at

"I’ve experienced the joy of working with Caitlyn during our shared time at Marvel. Her attention to detail, open communication style and dedication to the team made my developers lives easier with every project they shared. Caitlyn is an asset to any team fortunate enough to include her."

Lucas Da Cruz; Business Systems Analyst at Zoom

"Caitlyn was...instrumental to helping me get acquainted to my new role. Her attention to detail and elite knowledge...were well documented in some of the best BRDs and JIRA tickets I've ever seen. Her ability to explain and formulate solutions in detail to any issues - all while having such a vibrant mood - is what sets her apart. I also know for a fact that no project is too big for Caitlyn's skillset. I've seen Caitlyn handle many quick wins with ease, while also handling XL projects with many strict deadlines in parallel..."

Engineering Teams

Supreeti Chakrabarti; TPM Data Science at Zoom

"Caitlyn has been an incredible business partner to work alongside.
She communicated and collaborated with members of cross functional teams to drive her initiatives forward while being flexible to and accommodating to competing business needs.
Additionally, her ability to take feedback, break down problems and focus on what was absolutely required are some of the qualities I really appreciate about her..."

Mave Houston, Director & Head of Research at Disney+

" Caitlyn...knows everyone. This isn’t an accident, Caitlyn prides herself on knowing as many people as possible across an organization because you never know whose help you will need to remove a project roadblock. The second thing you notice about Caitlyn is her attention to detail & process to drive the design work she’s managing. It’s a relief as a researcher to have a DPM who understands how early we need to be engaged to be impactful...She makes design fun - even in prickly political moments that can drain a team....Any team that scoops her up would be extremely fortunate!

Joshua Leigh; Digital Analytics and Data Strategy at Zoom

"Caitlyn is a highly skilled product manager. She expertly communicates across multiple business ORGs to drive her product forward. Her great business and data understanding allows her to build a data driven roadmap and she clearly communicates along each step of the process. You can clearly see her project manager skillset come out in her product manager role. She is an amazing asset!"

Data Teams

Shantelle Liu; UX Designer at Zoom

"...Caitlyn is a great product manager with a strong passion for problem-solving, and she always handles difficult conversations with tact, understanding, and patience. One of Caitlyn's strongest skills is her ability to manage large amounts of scope, and organize her thoughts in an elite manner. Her ability to quickly understand business problems, and clearly provide multiple solutions to solve the problem helped the project team operate at peak speed...If you’re looking for a talented PM with a positive, can-do attitude, Caitlyn is your choice!"

David Lajara; Designer at The Walt Disney Company

"I am so grateful to have worked with Caitlyn during our time at Marvel Entertainment. She embodies everything that you want in a coworker: she's talented, a diligent worker, kind, and most of all, empathetic. As a designer, I was always elated when she and I would collaborate on projects, because I knew the experience would be perfectly organized and efficient from a project management perspective... Caitlyn also always had a great understanding of each role team members play in a project, and because of that, she was able to offer insights that went well beyond her immediate role.."

Francis De La Torre; Senior Design Engineer at Meta

"Caitlyn is a standout team member that contributes positive impact to organization, creativity and team culture...Caitlyn was a key contributor to maintaining efficiency and project cohesion. Her positive attitude, decisiveness and empathy skills anchored the team, helping the project to delivery on time and execute with excellence. Caitlyn is an authentic person who is masterful at her craft. I give her my highest recommendation; any org would benefit from having her in their team"

Product Designers

Kim DeRose; Director of Product at The Walt Disney Company

"...Time and time again she demonstrated her ability to tackle challenges both large and small, as well as a willingness to solve problems that others had either overlooked or been unwilling to take on. Not only is she intelligent, driven, detail oriented, and passionate about what she does, she's someone who actively seeks to build a positive, inclusive work culture, and is a colleague you can always count on."

Gene Freeman; Senior Product Manager at Disney Streaming

"Caitlyn and I partnered on many projects during our Marvel days, and I was always so impressed at her dedication, professionalism, and commitment to our goals. I look forward to the day when I can join forces with Caitlyn once again to build amazing products together."

Carly Engel; eCommerce Product Manager at Zoom

"Caitlyn is a shining example of...leading with passion, enthusiasm, and a thoroughness that ensures success...She can take the most complex of asks and break them down in a way that makes it clear to each stakeholder what impact they will need to prepare for. She takes on improvements that she sees are glaringly important...and builds roadmaps and considers all key players and is able to handle prioritization conversations with ease. I admire her strength as a Product Manager and her attention to detail"

Product Managers
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