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Disney Streaming

While at Disney Streaming, I resided within the Product Design Org of Disney+, and supported and help lead the Subscriber Growth Team. I had the pleasure of working with immeasurably talented designers of all variety of skill sets, honing my product management skills, learning to understand the customer voice and needs and how design thinking can transform user experiences.



Put into proof of concept prior to the start COVID-19, the pandemic put the need for this product into overdrive. People everywhere were isolated and searching for connection during a time when that wasn't possible. GroupWatch allowed users to come together even when apart and made technological history while doing so, becoming the first co-viewing experience to be a part of a subscription service across all 3 streaming device categories.

Premier Access

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic and before vaccines, theaters around the globe remained closed. Eagerly awaited films such as the live action remake of Mulan were delayed over a year, until we decided to bring the movie premier experience to the users living room -- and it even was compatible with GroupWatch!


Disney+ Subscriber Growth

Our team worked on a myriad of projects from sign-ups, sign-ins, partnerships, upgrades, downgrades, cancellations, winbacks, account settings and more, leading to Disney+ hitting its 100M subscriber target years ahead of schedule.

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