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Disney +Subscriber Growth


Increase in Subscribers

Our team was tasked with any and all projects related to subscriber growth. During my tenure, we saw a 277% increase in subscriber growth


Team Members

Project Managed a team of 6 incredibly talented product designers across a myriad of projects on a regular basis including capacity planning, prioritization, retros, scheduling/leading critiques, demos, research and more.



During my tenure at Disney+, we were designing and building a variety of products and experiences for consumers across 5 continents.



While at Disney+, my team implemented a number of features to support partnerships, sign-up, sign-in, billing and account experience for our users. We saw subscribers grow from 26.5 to 100 million in under a year, hitting Disney+'s 5 year target within 18 months of launch. 

Sign-Up Screen on CTV
Various Sign-Up and Account Screens
Account settings Screen
An Example of the Partnerships we provided support for
Redemption page for gift cards and vouchers
Payment Page
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