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Digital Product Assessment (DPA) - Licensed Products

From app operated robots to drones, from smart watches to AR, from websites to digital collectibles. If it had a Marvel character on it, it had to go through me and my team.

Every year as part of Digital Product Assessment (or DPA for short) I triaged thousands of Marvel licensed products for intake each year, sending them off for review with a variety of other stakeholders as well as personally reviewing each and every execution from a product manager and often creative brand manager standpoint.

Every day was an adventure, and you never knew quite what you were going get. Chat bots to support a Disneyland ride launch? Sure! Drones? Why not? Smart Watches and AR? You betcha. Robotic toys controlled by apps? Seen LOADS of 'em!

I'd see projects in every phrase -- conceptual, beta testing, wire frames, animatics, prototypes, alpha builds, storyboards, scripts and game levels-- you name it, I saw it and reviewed it. We'd often get emerging technology that we didn't have a process in place for yet, or we'd have to order new devices in order to be able to beta test.

To see a more in depth album of some of the products I worked on, click here.

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