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Marvel New Media Digital Series and Content Pitches

While at Marvel, a new division called New Media, centered on digital shorts and content was founded. Leveraging my background in Film and video I helped with several Proof of Concept projects and process as a flex project.

While I was Digital Product Assessment (DPA) system, the New Media team noted that there was suddenly a huge demand from licensees, such as FUNKO, LEGO and Hasbro, to make short animated content. And while that was awesome, they didn't want it to conflict with any of their content plans. So I was tasked with rolling out a similar process and product to the DPA system, but for the New Media team to review pitches and content from Licensees.

In addition to founding the New Media Pitch process, I was part of the team that created the concept for, pitched and filmed the pilot for Marvel's Eat the Universe. When the show was later picked up, I successfully pitched and coordinated and helped film the the Marvel LIVE! Crossover episode.

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