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Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus

A premium kit for our top tier subscription members, I managed the design of the box, letter, sell page and marketing materials for the 10th Anniversary, Venom 25th Anniversary and New X-Men  Marvel Unlimited Plus Kits.

Tasked with managing a team of brand new designer, a brand new business/vendor manager and an engineer who had never worked on updating the Marvel Unlimited Annual Plus and media was a crash course in navigating ambiguity -- no one on the team had any experience with anything that we were touching -- print materials, shipping dates, designing for cardboard raps with labels and that could withstand shipping, theming to business priorities and where did we have to update everything for the customers -- everything from the apple wallet to the website to banners and letters.

But for all the stumbles and mishaps in the first year, we took everything and we learned from it. We finessed and learned -- what colors should we avoid? What deadlines did we need to hit? How early could we start? When were materials ready to ship? Where did labels typically go on boxes? And we finessed it into a timeline and system that by year 3, was operating 6 months ahead of the necessary deadlines.

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